We have boarding accommodations for all sizes and breeds.

We offer spacious 17 ft long indoor to outdoor runs. Our kennels are heated and cooled to provide a comfortable stay for your dog.

Cost is $18 per calendar day with daily play or $19 if you choose not to do play time.

  • Pets require rabies, distemper, and bordetella, An initial bordetella must be done two weeks prior to stay. Flea and tick is highly recommended. Please submit vaccinations prior to your pets stay.
  • Please bring food, treats, and any bedding/toys you would like in the kennel. We are not responsible for lost or destroyed items
  • We provide dishes and a kennel deck at no extra charge.
  • Music played all day in the kennel
  • There may be a charge for multiple medications and/or dressing changes. We do not do insulin injections.
  • There’s an additional cost for drop off and/or pick up times outside of the normal business hours
  • We accept cash, checks and all credit cards. There’s 4% added onto card transactions
  • A 48 hour cancellation notice is required for all holiday reservations and reservations scheduled during the busy months of June through October. You’ll be charged in full if no 48 hour notice is given.

Play Yard

Our 10,000 sq ft supervised play yard is available for an additional $2 per session (maximum of two per day). Private play is available upon request at an additional charge. Your pet must be spayed or neutered to participate in group play.

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